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Homeschool Facilitation
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About Me

Not Your Average Tutor

Since the tender age of 12, Dominique has always enjoyed helping others. During the Summers, she realized that she’d become the community babysitter! It didn’t take long for Dominique to figure out that a child with a busy mind was a child who had a good…and peaceful time! Dominique used textbooks, arts, crafts and music to entertain the children and get them excited about learning. Her early innovation made for grand Summers and even better Falls because those same children went to school prepared for what the educators had lined up for them. 

Cum Laude college graduate or Mrs. Dominique, as the learners call her, is an expert at invoking a higher thought process in children so that they not only do well in school but also become their best selves as they grow in the world. Parents are impressed by the way Mrs. Dominique motivates and connects with her learners.

How I Tutor

My major goal is to help students attain their goals in the shortest time and making the process as simple as possible. I work closely with students, parents and school administrators to identify student needs, which will be used to tailor a learning strategy for the student and also used to assess their progress. I also teach students how to effectively study, take notes during classes or lectures, as well as strategies on how to take tests. 

Homeschool facilitation is also available to assist those parents who want to be in control of their childs education but also want them to have out-of-home experiences. All sessions are small group or one-to-one which allows learners to get the attention and time that he or she deserves.

You'll be amazed at the results.

Excellence in tutoring and much more

Not Your Average Learning Curve is a blended educational service dedicated to the unique learning abilities of each child who participates in the weekly tutoring program, the standard curriculum, and the once a year learning camp offered during the Summer.
At NYA we specialize in developing an educational plan that will boost the confidence and power behind your child’s educational perception. We thrive off of a thirst for knowledge and a strong desire to be confident in all that an individual does.


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If your child is lacking or falling behind NYA Learning Curve can get them on the right track. They helped my child throughout the summer. He was able to write his own book reports and is keeping up …
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